Friday, June 15, 2012



Hi All, I am traveling to Rajasthan to attend my Uncle's wedding .My mom is busy with her classes and she needs to finish my dress too . She has already started working on Circular Skirt/ Frock. This time I wanted her to stitch my dress a but loose due to 2 reasons. Firstly, I keep putting on weight everyweek and secondly the climate in Rajasthan is too hot & I want to feel comfortable . 

Keeping my suggestion in mind, she has stitched the below dress for me . 

I didnt co-operate with her for the photoshoot as I was sleeping and she disturbed me . 

And she scolded me , I will inform Papa about it ......

My granny requested me to give a shot for one pic & I agreed . This is incomplete, My mom needs to stitch Beads on the bodice & pico the skirt .

And the materials used are 
Material Used :   Brocade,Silk tissue, Soft net & cotton lining .
Colours:             Green & Purple shade & Dark green.
Cloth required:   Brocade- 0.5mtr,softnet & silk tissue- 1 mtr each.
Cost :                 Brocade- Rs160/mtr, softnet-80/mtr,silk tissue - 70/mtr.
Lining Cloth:      1 mtr - Rs 35/ mtr

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