Friday, June 15, 2012



Hi All, I am traveling to Rajasthan to attend my Uncle's wedding .My mom is busy with her classes and she needs to finish my dress too . She has already started working on Circular Skirt/ Frock. This time I wanted her to stitch my dress a but loose due to 2 reasons. Firstly, I keep putting on weight everyweek and secondly the climate in Rajasthan is too hot & I want to feel comfortable . 

Keeping my suggestion in mind, she has stitched the below dress for me . 

I didnt co-operate with her for the photoshoot as I was sleeping and she disturbed me . 

And she scolded me , I will inform Papa about it ......

My granny requested me to give a shot for one pic & I agreed . This is incomplete, My mom needs to stitch Beads on the bodice & pico the skirt .

And the materials used are 
Material Used :   Brocade,Silk tissue, Soft net & cotton lining .
Colours:             Green & Purple shade & Dark green.
Cloth required:   Brocade- 0.5mtr,softnet & silk tissue- 1 mtr each.
Cost :                 Brocade- Rs160/mtr, softnet-80/mtr,silk tissue - 70/mtr.
Lining Cloth:      1 mtr - Rs 35/ mtr


After my moms last disaster (Pink dress), me and my papa decided to first enroll my mother in KIDS WEAR COURSE  rather than a  BLOUSE DESIGNING COURSE .I personally went to the institute with my granny and requested Jasmin Aunty to change her course and she accepted :):):):) . She also helped me with the syllabus listed below. 

1.High Waisted Frock
2. Low Waisted Frock
3.Frocks using Pleats
4. Frocks using Gathers
5.Circular Skirts
6.Handkerchief Frock
7.Yoked Frock
8.A Line Frock
9.Cascaded Frock
10.Balloon Frock
11.Layered Frock
12.Layered Balloon Frock
13.Novelty Gathered Frock

So, I am gonna wear 13 diff types of frock in the upcoming months . yummyyyyyyyyy 


Last Week, while my mother was still in the process of learning to stitch my blue frock , my granny wanted her to stitch a frock for me within 4 hours . She wanted me to wear it for my evening walk. So here I am posting the pic of my second dress .
 Oh no, my diaper is visible in this pic .. bad photographer . :(:(;(.
Well, if you see, my mother tried stitching a gather frock with net material, however she failed to give it a perfect finish & moreover it wasn't of my size :( ... I politely refused to wear it again and asked her to get the opinion from her institute and modify it .

She tried to modify the dress as mentioned by Jasmin Aunty, but the material wasnt sufficient. So she opted for Step Frock & finally came with a better look.
Atleast now I can wear it for few days .So lets discuss the material used for stitching this frock.
Material Used   : Brocade,Soft net & Shimmer .
Colours:           : Cream & PInk
Cloth required  : Cream  0.5 mts & pink net 1 mtr, Shimmer 0.5 mtr
Cost                 :  Rs 160/ mtr for brocade , 70/mtr for Softnet & 80/mtr for Shimmer. Lining Cloth     :  0.5 mtr - Rs 35/ mtr 
Lace                 :  5 mtrs, rs 20/ mtr



Here I am with my first dress .. My mom has to really work hard since, it was her first dress for the Fashion Show & it had many blunders .Initially the bodice stitched turned out to be a swimsuit & she had to restitch a new bodice for me .

I wanted a Halter Neck -Gather Frock in darker shade & light weight cloth(my papa feels I look good in dark shades)
So here come the pics from trial round to final round..Hope you like them .
Can you see those pink flowers on my dress , it was stitched with the cloth material. I wanted everything to be perfect . So lets get into the details of my dress.

Material Used : Tissue silk & cotton lining .
Colours:            Peacock blue & pink shade
Cloth required: blue- 2 mtrs & pink 1 mtr.
Cost :                 Rs 100/ mtr from Wholesale shop .
Lining Cloth:    1 mtr - Rs 35/ mtr

Apart from this frock, my mom has also made a pink panty :(  to coverup my white diaper(not visible in the pic).
This blog is dedicated to my mother Seema Sharma as she has left a promising career in an IT industry to take care of me & joined Fashion Institute to utilise her free time (again learning something for meeeeeeeeee )